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Rape and Shame Australia

Craig Beck raped a 13 year old girl, contacted her 2567 times in 4 months and told the police the rape was her fault.

A Gippsland paedophile raped a 13-year-old schoolgirl in the back of his ute then told police she wanted it to happen, a court has heard. Craig Beck, 36, pleaded guilty in the County Court to multiple charges including sexual penetration of a child under 16.

Beck frequently messaged his victim after getting her phone number in August last year. He sent the victim lewd messages telling her she was pretty and asking what type of bra and underwear she was wearing. Beck twice messaged the girl asking if they could date but she “deflected and ignored” the requests.

She told him not to text her phone because her mum checked it. Beck then fronted at the girl’s school and gave her a phone. The victim took photos of the view but Beck took the phone off her and placed it in his car.
He told the victim he “hadn’t brought her there for the view”
Beck also told his victim that he “needed and wanted her”.

“Don’t give me that look,” Beck said.

“I know you want it.”

Beck said “they were going to do it because (his wife) didn’t want to”.
Beck placed the girl in his ute tray and raped and sexually assaulted her. The depraved paedophile continued to contact the victim and attended her school during breaks where the court heard he would “often” molest her.

Beck also drove the girl to a lookout and asked her if they could have sex “again”.

Phone records later obtained by police showed Beck contacted the victim 2567 times between August 1 and his arrest on November 12. Investigators discovered many of the messages contained lewd material and images.

Beck downplayed his vile conduct telling police the victim was “clingy” with phone contact and would keep “ringing and texting” if he didn’t answer her calls. He admitted “sexting” the victim with messages he described as “telling sexual fantasies to the other person” to “keep it going”.

Beck claimed the victim had sent him photographs of herself in the bath which “surprised” him but replied the “photos looked nice and left it at that”. Beck claimed the victim had planned the sexual encounter about “two weeks before it occurred” because she “wanted to have her first time with someone that she knows”.

Beck claimed he told the victim he wasn’t sure he should (have sex) but she “kept on pursuing” him.

Beck claimed the victim told him it would be their “little secret”.

The court Beck worked in various jobs including as a cook, an electrician and a dairy farm hand before a medical issue forced him to stop working. Beck – who also pleaded guilty to sexual assault of a child and use a carriage service to transit indecent communication – will be sentenced by Judge Anne Hassan at a later date. He will made a registered sex offender for life.

This victim blaming is classic of paedophiles, he literally blamed everyone but himself, he blamed his victim saying she arranged it she did it…. Umm mate even if she was naked in front of you SHE WAS 13 AND SHE SAID NO ! That makes it rape !

He then blamed his wife, for some insane reason apparently his wife not giving him sex made it perfectly ok for him to rape a 13 year old girl. The logic of paedophiles is always self centred and arrogant.

We at FACAA can only hope the judge throws the book at him and he does the minimum 10 years for the rape a child under 16 years. On the upside he will be on the sex offender register for the rest of his life.

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