Question on Facebook today, Andrew Asks ” please explain”

Andrew Brown yes Sir, ever one who comes into our lives teaches us something. My best thoughts are it’s you chose to pick out something you like and add that to your life. We are only vehicles in the lifetime of challenging journies we travel. What feels not right for you just walk on by cause the next step on your pilgrimage through life may feel lovely and then if that’s your passion and you love this place hold on with all your might, never give up, you were gifted the day you were born with freedom and hope, two very good things. Many folks don’t enjoy or cherish what life is all about. Every Grown up is a gift, many died and never make it to senior age we call Grown-up Sir. Every moment is your gift to use it wisely and you will receive peace. Thank you for your question. Folk tend to read into quotes what they read. Instead, you asked and a question, hope I was of help. Peace and goodwill 🌸

interestingly as a group of graphic artist keep churning out art work hoping or trying to make a living the thought crossed our minds our duty of care to readers. Take that quote up above how easy it is to confuse some folks thinking. As you reread this quote speculate where is this reader coming from. Is he of sound mind, is he looking for help, or what really do we know what lies beyond that question. Let me ask you if you would ignore his comments. Are you looking for for an answer but you’re to busy caught up in your own mess. Perhaps you created the above quote. This poor soul thought his life was gone, do you know he tried to commit suicide. Then you say well that’s his fault. No, it’s no one’s fault at all, but always keep in mind written words are more damaging to the brain. Written words , messages, texts are today’s brain food. We are all responsible to our fellow readers. You are all story tellers the lifeblood of future history. The first common sense writers must aim at is to have an outcome the reader doesn’t have to worry about or work out by themselves. Most folk either won’t read or can’t read imagine that. Comprehension is a learnt art not a natural thing you’re born with. Social Media is the place to be to understand the readers. Try it oh my goodness if you write a quote or comment more than six utterances you’re blocked, controversy rages, hate speech, all caused by the above-written topic you just read or did you 😆😂

By ace101

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