Prayers from Kindness


I confess this day I confess it to you oh Lord That I may not show my love To people I am with in life But deep down I am concerned I want the best for them in strive Today I pray for all the people Who have made my life so special Bless them oh Lord in life Grant your mercy to them So that they won’t ever have to cry Help them in pain and when they try Bless them oh Lord as I ask you this Your love is needed the most!


Kindness Prayers for All Those Suffering Right Now


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Enlarge Your Vision

Advertisements God wants you to enlarge your vision. Take the limits off of Him. Quit telling yourself all the reasons why it’s not going to happen, how you’ve had too many bad breaks Your obstacles are too big, your dream seems impossible. It may be impossible for you, but it’s not to our God. Start […]