POEMS RE: JULIAN’S RELEASE.” a step of poems, Oct. 25, 2019 (Friday)

“POEMS RE: JULIAN’S RELEASE.” a step of poems, Oct. 25, 2019 (Friday)

“RELEASE JULIAN..” a short poem, for October 25, 2019 [Friday]

a.k.a.: “On Being SENSIBLE;

a.k.a.: “Is Sensibility Even Possible For Politicians These Days?”

Trump’sDoingHimselfAfavor, IfAssangeHeFinallyFREES.

The U.S. SHOULD letJulianGO Oh, yes, ItSHOULD, ifYouPlease,

For, obviously, NO ACTUAL DAMAGE have they ever been able to show;

Their egos are simply bruised; this, we obviously know.

They (we) should be ashamed of what we’ve done OVER SEAS,

SO, AT LEAST IF “WE” DO THIS ONE “RIGHT” THING, ourConscienceWeMightSlightlyAppease.

fin <3

Enough is enough; comeOn, guy Julian’sNotAbomber orOneOfYourSpies. He’s givenUs all aLook AtThe”politicalCrookBOOK, I justWish THIS we’dALL realize.

YouFolks can’t show one bit of harm YetWithWikiLeaks youHave such alarm Alleging damage to YourSecretPlans; BooHoo You’reJustTryin’To flex YourZOMBIEarm.

Some Australian related limericks at the bottom, DOWN UNDER:

SheelasLoveIT, when their pussies pulSATE, They just love to be in that loving state They wanna hold your hand, and take care of their man. ToBeWithYOU, they just can not wait.

I met me “an outbacking girl,” She really did give me a whirl So,I married HER, She’s THE ONE I prefer; Down Under DOWN SOUTH, weDoSwirl.


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