Phoney Land 😊

“PHONE[Y] LAND!” a poem a.k.a.: “Don’t Let ‘Em Put You In A Box!” 30 May 2019 (Thursday)

Why-do-you-think-they-call-a-phone-“a phone,” derived-from-the-same-word-as
P H O N Y ?!
‘Cause-it’s-not-real! com-munication! It’s-so-fake, just-“a-bunch-o’-bloody-baloney,”
‘Cause-you ain’t around the one you’ve found, on-the-phone whom you should be- with!
The device was developed MILLENIA-AGO In-vented by-a “SITH,”*

‘Twas-invented-by-a-Lord, who-could-well-afford to-visit-in-laws-and-“acquaints,”
But (s)he was lazy, with-temper’ment-“hazy,” and-had-to “bind” many-saints,
Who did object, in a profound way – to such a hideous device!
A Sith Lord named COMMO, who lounged in pajam[o], was heading all this vice!

(S)he hyp-notized this world, with phones and radios and, of course, The King! TV,
And computer gizmos (to dull the mind)! It-was-done pro-gres-sive-ly!
The strategy was simple (and well conceived) get-us-away from: The Gift of Touch,
For everyone knows you need (at least) 12 hugs/day – or life ain’t very much!

Without these “contacts,” you-can’t-really-survive in any-kind-of reasonable fashion!
We’re crazy, it’s true, but-now-such-phone-use has-taken-away-real-passion,
Like: when you touch them savory “g-spots,” which-make sensitive-folk say: “GEE!”
And now people-are ever so-much-more depressed and cray-hay-hay – hay – – – zy!

I-usually-“run-around:” Trying-to-help, and-crying: “Come-on! Snap-out-of-it!”
I’ll-sometimes-grab-Lucy, either by her caboose-y or-by her j – – – y t – t,
Yelling: “Milk! Sweet Milk! Lucy! Wake up!” and-the-poor-dear won’t even notice!!

We’re-so ALL-in-THE-BOX, we-can’t-even-smell-our-socks,** and-JUST-wonder

fin <3

* – An ancient, extraterrestrial group of supernatural monks, who strive for universal domination! I have been diligently repulsing their advances for, almost, forever, having saved this small “solar system” numerous times and never really being properly compensated for my efforts. Your tax-free donations and contributions can be sent to my D. P. O. address: 777 Llama Square, #69, Baglung, 33300 D. P. O. Nepal. Namaste!
** – or The Roses!

By ace101

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