Phenomal ⚡⚡⚡

” PHENOMENA[L] !” a poem May 8, 2019 (Wednesday)

Last night (pause) (S)he levitated! around my bed;
Astral projection [it was]! through the crown in her (his) head,
And what did I think? This-is-what-I-said:
“WELL! (pretty long pause) THAT’S PHENOMENAL! (pause) Shall-we-wed?”

(S)he moved an object, from here to there!
TELEKINESIS?! I’m-not-sure-I-care!
Bi-location!? Under water breathing!?
I-think-I’d-rather-watch a-little-baby-teething!
Conjuring-up a million bucks – or manifesting an artifact,
Before mine eyes? Here!? and back,
To a special location, where-it-can-be televised!?
I wonder if we’re not-all just hypnotized?!

Special practices! Siddhi powers!
Shall we meditate? for hours and hours?
Let’s levitate! in a golden dome –
We-can-go-to-OTHER-DIMENSIONS and-talk-with-a-gnome!
MAGICAL! (pause) FASCINATING! (pause)
Phenomena-like-this can-cause-such-pal-pi-tating,
Of hearts around-The-Globe, and I –
Still-don’t-much-care! You wonder why?
Well, now-doing this and that is-all moderately fine,
Coming-back from The Dead? Yeah, I’m-sure-it’s-Divine!
Healing sick bodies? Con-trolling weather-trends?
Yeah, it’s-REALLY-GREAT! Eventually, it-all-ends!
Just PHENOMENAL! but, I’ll give-my-“nod,”
To: watching-you-become-one with-my-Divining-Rod!
It’s PHENOMENAL, going up and down,
Searching for a secret spring, soon-to-erupt-in-town!

What’s PHENOMENAL? to-me? It’s-me-with-you!
Being-close is-what-I-really-yearn-to-do!
Let others-walk-on-water – or spread-their-wings-and-fly,
I just want-us! “cooking”-some-hot-cherry-pie,
Served with thick cream, whipped from swollen hearts!
You’re-my-favorite-obsession! A “PHENOM!” of-“The-Magic-Arts!”

    By ace101

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