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  • While God was creating a woman, an angel came to him and asked him:
    You’ve been creating a woman for a long time. Why are you spending so much time on her?
    God answers:
  • because I want her to be special. Did you see what I gave her? How many possibilities…
    And God starts to collect everything a woman can, know, feel…
    The Angel is surprised with all these features and asks:
  • all that with only two hands? Impossible! That’s a lot of work for one day. Take a rest and finish it tomorrow.
    I don’t want this! God protest, I’m so close to finish this being… my heart is so glad.
    The Angel came closer and touched the wife. God how did you make her so soft?!
    Yes, she is soft… says God… but I made her have strength too! You won’t believe what she can handle!
    Can he think? – the angel asks.
    God answers:
    Not only can he think, he can also cooperate and agree.
    Something attracts the angel’s attention and touches the wife’s face. What is this? Any mistake?
    No, that’s a tears. God correct him.
    For What? – the angel asks.
    Tears is her way to express sadness, love, loneliness, pain, pride, but also happiness…
    The Angel stayed amazed:
  • You are a genius. You’ve been thinking about everything. A woman is a great being!

True! She has amazing power. Handle difficulties, carry sadness, but knows about happiness, and for love and has its own opinion. She smiles and sings when she is crying, crying when she is happy, smiles when she is nervous, fighting for what she loves and for what she believes in, she is resistant, fighting injustice, does not recognize ‘NO’ as an answer If there is a better way or better solution, gives your best, loves unlimited, is sensitive, knows that one kiss or a hug can heal a broken heart, comfort, help…
However, he has one mistake. – says God.

The Angel looks at him.

Forget how much it is worth..


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