Final Analysis there IT is; call it: Peace of Mind;

It’s what we all might be in this life really trying to find.

When we’re younger, that’s maybe not so apparent;

‘Cause we’re filled with energy, and we’re slightly errant,

Searching around for a friend with which to play,

With not so many responsibilities, and thing’s are fairly “gray.”

You’re pumped full of hormones, hopeful? emotions and goals,

And ambitions, and LIFE ROCKS & LIFE fairly? ROLLS,

And you try to do good or you (mostly) rebel,

Listening to stories about Heaven and H – L L,

And, perhaps, Peace of Mind is of interest or not,

But one way or ‘tother you’re just livin’ (pretty) hot,


So, when you simmer down a little or grow up or somethin’,

It’s easy t’ feel guilty and/or unfulfilled, and, where you’ve been,

Is (Oh, wow.) where you are, and your body has changed,

And some “loved ones” are “gone” and you might feel estranged,

From a certain contentment or power you knew,

PEACE OF MIND is that calm you remember holding [on] to;

Even if you lose all your money or [your] health wavers for you,

Peace of Mind is important, for it can see you through.

IT’S THE GREATEST TREASURE, and, I think, it largely has to do,

With beautiful people, whom you are going through,

Life with. “FRIENDS,” we call ’em, and you can look in their eyes,


Is that such a surprise?

fin <3

Wise words of Wisdom 🕊

Grown-ups everywhere on earth 🌐face this horror, then one day it clicks for some and not for others. No one is born grown-up. In the final scenario possibly you get “it” at long last and if you’re fortunate and you still have a mentor living glance over and see that smile 😁 because you made it, in one piece ready to start the best journey yet. The Moral of this story: The right moments are here and you have lived and had happiness along the way plus downsides. That’s Confirmation you’re a wise man after all. 😁 @bestofnatureblog


By ace101

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