When I miss being mangled,

I close my eyes and remind myself that your fingers have been manipulating my body like some ships that slide smoothly into the waves to still undiscovered worlds.

When I miss being kissed on the forehead,

I close my eyes and I remember that you kissed me gently as if you were laying a mantle on my thoughts, which unsteadily carried me in worlds of passion

and you kissed them quietly.

Do you know that touching your hand is the equivalent of a million hugs?

Do you know that your gaze is waking?

For you breathed me softness through your eyes,

and your eyes quieted me when you looked at me with all the compassion in the world.

Do you know that your advice made me trust myself?

Do you know that I am stronger today because of you?

When I miss my man

I close my eyes and I remember you.

Who you are my dear lover

By ace101

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