Passion ~ Dreams come true

“DREAMS COME TRUE!” a poem June 26, 2019 (Wednesday)

You’re so cute, and I am horny!

Sure! It might-sound a-little corny,

But you’re the dream I’ve been dreamin’ of,

That special angel (sent) from Heaven above!

And! You’re-that-special-witch, who-can-turn-me-into-a-pig,

Who’ll cast lots of magic, while I sing and dance a jig!

My “Forever Woman!” My DREAM COME TRUE!

You’re the one for me! and me, for you!

For-you! For-you! What more can I say?

My FOREVER WOMAN! Well, [it’s] more-like: forever-and-a-day!

A dream! A dream! A dream come true,

For this big, ol’ raccoon – and his charming shrew!

There are sounds! Like animals! a bark! a moo!

ANIMAL LUST! is a-shining through,

Mixed with SOPHISTICATED CONSIDERATIONS! on-a-glorious-Summer’s Day!

We’re intertwining our pinkies! and shouting: “Hooray!”

I am lost, gazing deeply – into your eyes!

Oh, so lost! There’s such multiple disguise!

And – Da Sky’s The Limit, if you love me!

You do? Oh, good! We-fit, perfectly!

So, hoist the sails! Lose – the panties;

Here we go! A dream – in DAN -T[i]ES,

INFERNO! AND – on Heaven’s Shore!

I’ll grab your “aft!” You grasp my “oar!”

Passion ~ Dream Come True

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p. s. Some dreams come, and some dreams go, But you're my recurring dream! Forever! Don't-cha-know?

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