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Paradigm is thought to mean ~ A paradigm is a person’s frame of reference. A person’s paradigm is how they see the world based on all the information that they have gathered and the beliefs that they possess. If the universe is analogized to a computer processor, a paradigm is like the operating system.Jan 2, 2017 › principles › para…

Paradigms – Genius Types √ possibly this may give you a grasp ✊on the meaning of the Mystic Poetry and cryptic verse.

“APPROXIMATE.” a poem November 3, 2019 (Sunday)

AROUND HERE I think everything’s pretty much approximately presented,

Average and/or Extraordinary;

Ordinary and Circumvented.

Now, Approximate DOESN’T MEAN: Imperfect or NOT exact,

It’s just about THIS or THAT; it’s sort of “cracked,”

Which is, as Leonard Cohen says: “HOW THE LIGHT GETS IN.”

“Cracked” or “Lopsided” is HUMAN; you can call it “sin,”orTheWayThingsAre,

Which DOESN’T MEAN we CAN’T be a “star,”

And go aboutTheSpeedofLight.


A: YES, IF YOU accept it as OK

A: NO, IF you want things some other way.

But THE LATEST PARADIGM still has one more step to go.

Moral: “The OLD PARADIGM, like the NEW (paradigm) is APPROXIMATE,

Don’tCha know?”


All these Catalogues of the Poetry by The Mystic Poet have selected
Music included by Mystic. The lyrics are the woven threads of sound
To bring the meanings of the acronym, abbreviation,
into the words.
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