Pain is your friend ~

“GOOD!” a poem a.k.a.: “The Medical HAUGHTY!” for: July 1st 2019 [Monday]

Body swollen? Joints do ache?

THAT’S-GOOD!-That’s-GOOD! for Goodness’ Sake!

“But, I got-this-stinky-gunk – in my eyes!

And-my-legs-are-too-big! O.M.G., my thighs!”

OH, MY! THAT’S GOOD! That’s-what-IT-does,

A HEALTHY body, just be-cause,

IF IT’S NOT-RE-ACTIN’!! THEN!-you-should-be-“blue!”

Remember: The-Kooky-Zen-Buddhists’ point-of-view:

“Pain’s your friend! Don’t-go: BOO-HOO!

It’s a healthier body, just for you!

It’s what you’ve got – IF you’re re-acting,

TO EVERYTHING! For, The-World’s-‘impacting,’

Your physical ‘defenses’ – in glorious style!


[That]-Your-Body’s-discharging, lookin’ ‘gross?’ and-hurtin’-you,

Just–tell-it-‘THANKS!’ and clean the goo,

Out from your eyes – and pat your thighs,

To thank your body; it’s no surprise,

That so many folks – are heading-to-The-Docs’

To get ‘relief’ – from pain-and-the-pox!”

OR – You could always smile – and hurt a little,

And save your money – and play your fiddle,

And-maybe-save-your-life – by NOT-stressing body,

With pills and things – from The Medical Haughty,

ATTITUDE – that will [often] sug-gest,

They KNOW what’s best – for your chest!

But, H – L L! Their guess – ain’t-no-better-than,


fin <3

So, smile and hurt and cuss and curse,

And hold on to your bloody purse,

And save your money – for a nice meal,

At your hospital lunchroom! It’s-a-pretty-good-deal:

Don’t spend your cash – on an exam,

When you-can (for $6 cash) get au gratin (potatoes) and some ham!

“Gosh, you look healthy,” say your friends at The Lunchroom!

“Well, I’ve-been-eating-HERE! (for $6 cash) at-The-Hospital-of-Doom!

And – spending more time OUTDOORS – and at bars,

And no time in a hospital bed – and less time in cars!”

    By ace101

    Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen