This is Australia First Nations People respect to all Elders Past ~ Present didjarigura djuguru didjarigura gumal


Planetary Conjunction, Dec 21, 2020, ULURU

Australian Solstice Ceremony Lore Keepers A Global Light Message

Budyari mulinawal mullabu didjurigur mullabu yura good morning all women all men, I bring you this message from the Solstice Ceremony Lore Keepers.

Still seems to be a bit of confusion as to intent and time for ceremony in December, hopefully this will clarify matters a little.

The time on a clock or watch is used to keep track of Mother’s cycles, her solstices, equinoxes, lunar phases, tides and weather patterns. We have no need of clocks or watches when we are attuned to Mother’s cycles.

Mother needs warming, and we have at our disposal the most efficient warming energy in the universe, LOVE. When enough people send thoughts and energy of pure love to Mother, Mother feels the love and it warms her heart.

A hibernating Serpent requires a warming to awaken. When we warm Mother we initiate an incubation process that will rouse the Rainbow Serpent from her long slumber, bringing forth the changes to Mother that are said to come next.

Please send pure love to Mother from wherever you are, at the time of the solstice in your location, and together we will warm our sacred Mother to her heart.

didjarigura djuguru didjarigura gumal

Additional Information:

Know this is a great Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn on December 21, 2020 – the same date of the December Solstice. It will be the first Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction since 2000, and the closest Jupiter-Saturn Conjunction since 1623.

Global Family, we ask you to be in a space of PURE HEART. Create small groups or simply be on your own and send love to Gaia at the above time. An opportunity to assist Gaia and all Light Beings. A chance to greatly assist the Planetary Upgrade.

To work out your time zone, visit websites to convert times. December 21, 9.02 pm AEDT.

Many groups are forming around the world to send LOVE to Gaia at the above time. The purity of your Heart Love is the Focus dear one xo

We would like you to part of this Global Event – Light Family.

Sending Waves Of Universal Love, for Light Workers to join in a space of Global Unity.

Please Share Light Family

With Love & Gratitude for Mother Gaia


Global Family, Uluru Central Australia.
Thank you Artist

Story Teller



The Devil’s invited to dinner for this Thanksgiving Day,

His p.r.’s bad, and that’s so sad; He usually stays away,

But this year, since the guests are few, from COVID’s quarantine,

The Devil is allowed to come because the guest list’sΒ lean.

Usually, there’re a lot of guests, and everyone’s so gay,

Because the food is so darn good on every blessed tray.

The food is savoury and cooked; it’s perfect fare,

But this year things are changed around; The Devil doesn’t care.

For, unbeknownst to everyone, The Devil’s always there,

He’s back within the kitchen walls, cooking with a flair,

For cooking is his passion; He loves to flame the meat,

And offer everyone some food, so they’ll have lots to eat.

And, this year when The Devil is sitting with His Dad,

Watching Jesus and the angels eating, He’ll be glad,

That, because of this virus, He’ll get a seat there too,

Having been invited to join the blessed few.

The moral of this story may sometime come in view,

To show the outcast of the lot may cook for me and you,

So, when you make your dinner list, in good times and bad,

Be sure to invite the head cook, an insane, gruesome lad.


Story Teller

The taste of life


There’s nothing more than an astronomical
delight from strawberries to peppercorn to spices that bite
Put out your toung and drink from the grapes the old ones and the young .

Role in the apples that have fallen from the trees and look around at the mangos that hang from it’s leaves
Can you believe the drip of the mellon
like the art of Picasso and Magellain

Burry yourself in the smell of tangerines then get lost in it’s flavor like the memory of a dream
Rubarb so bizar while tamatos move you as pacannie”s one stringed cello
In the gardens so wild.

Ooh let’s not forget the pair the feel of sand yet the host of man and
with a sweetness so precious it’s held by
The rich to the unfortunates hand

Have you ever stop to think you’re more than all of these fruits and taste bud organisms

See you’re made from the maker of all things eatable for the universe knew it would be you who would be the one to taste theses sensstatiable cold and warm mouth-watering flights

Simply because you are unmistakably

The taste of life

From the mind and soul of Brent G Hutchins

Hello Friends



I heard a quote a little while ago that said β€œIf you lose your voice, don’t be afraid to go quiet.”

This resonated with me deeply. It gave me permission to not post for awhile, as I was at a loss for what to say.

It has been a hard few months of constant loss and suffering in our community. It has shaken me to the core. I am on my knees and in tears so often for so many.

There have been some joyful moments, but to be honest, this season, the joy has been few and far between.

Today a beautiful friend in Canada lost her battle with cancer.

She leaves behind a large and grieving family in Australia who never got to give her one last hug because of COVID.

She also leaves behind a husband and three little boys. She fought so valiantly, but cancer is a horrible disease that reigns in our broken world.

Her incredible faith will live on as her life touched many.
Would you please join me in praying for Linda Wilton’s family? (Dan and her three boys, plus the Kilgus family in Australia).

Please don’t underestimate the power and gift of praying over someone who is suffering.

When we lost Helen in November, I can attest to feeling so incredibly held and at peace. I know I only felt this because of the many people who held us up in prayer.

β€œThe prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective.” James 5 v 16.

Sending you lots of love friends. I pray you feel held by the Only One who has all power and majesty.

God bless


Watch β€œDon McLean – Vincent ( Starry, Starry Night) With Lyrics” on YouTube


America this is for you

What have you done to yourself

A once-great nation killing your own people

Brother against Brother

For men’s egos

People are homeless dying in the streets

American is no longer able to look after each other

Your forefathers fought for Freedom for all

Freedom of speech died

The Right to Vote is your Freedom

Other countries have no freedom to vote yet this time you flocked to vote.

What happened you still got that wrong

All we see and hear is hatred

Yet you preach human-made religion

You don’t practice

Egos for wealth is killing hordes of poor souls

When will you ever learn

Save yourself

You send young men to kill in other countries

Most don’t go home

Poor young men and women

Yet you rich, son of domination live in palaces of gold feasting for faces on human dead bodies

The so called Ruler never paid taxes

Lives as a false god lording over the poor

The rich get richer while Americans don’t eat

I hear cries for help.

Do you?

You rich powerful devils

Third world nation created by the rulers of a forgotten nation once strong

Look at yourselves

Look at your people suffering

You are shamed in the world of others

The world needs peace right know

For all our sakes get your act together

With Respect Australia


Watch β€œWhen You Feel Lonely Remember These 12 Quotes | Being Alone Saying and Quotes” on YouTube


Sometimes we share what we term as helpful advice

For those who are suffering from terminal illness words are empty

Or misplaced

To those who suffer from isolation of somebody to hold your hand in your last moment we pray for you to find love in Christ.

Blessed are those who understand we want you to know we truly feel your pain.

I feel you looking around your room waiting for people to come to your beside to comfort you in your hour of need so great no one knows until they walk in your shoes, alone

Forgive them they know they fear death themselves

Somehow they evporate from your life terrified

And in the final scenario

They weep for themselves

What should have I have done


Don’t be that person who suffers remorse

What is the price of remorse?

These words we pray may help your family from suffering remorse

As I write this little verse, I am grateful to have held the hands of family and friends that found peace in the arms of Lord

There is final moment when you look into the eyes of your loved one and treasure the true gift of the divine light go off.

So beautiful

The light slowly fades

The Almighty light force silently evaporates

So cherished you are in the arms of the

We are lifted to the highest

A new voyage is your reward

Gone is that tormented corpse left behind

Replaced beautifully designed by God again

These words come through me not from me

Find solace my friend

Until we meet again



Watch β€œSoftly and Tenderly Jesus Is Calling ~ Anne Murray” on YouTube


Come home

Story Teller

Lost Doll


Lost Doll

At 40, Franz Kafka (1883-1924), who never married and had no children, walked through the park in Berlin when he met a girl who was crying because she had lost her favourite doll. She and Kafka searched for the doll unsuccessfully.
Kafka told her to meet him there the next day and they would come back to look for her.
The next day, when they had not yet found the doll, Kafka gave the girl a letter β€œwritten” by the doll saying β€œplease don’t cry. I took a trip to see the world. I will write to you about my adventures.”
Thus began a story which continued until the end of Kafka’s life.
During their meetings, Kafka read the letters of the doll carefully written with adventures and conversations that the girl found adorable.
Finally, Kafka brought back the doll (she bought one) that had returned to Berlin.
β€œIt doesn’t look like my doll at all,” said the girl.
Kafka handed her another letter in which the doll wrote: β€œmy travels have changed me.” the little girl hugged the new doll and brought her happy home.
A year later Kafka died.
Many years later, the now-adult girl found a letter inside the doll. In the tiny letter signed by Kafka it was written:
β€œEverything you love will probably be lost, but in the end, love will return in another way.”

Story Teller

A Rainy Day


The sheer joy of rains…

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let
it rains…

Good movies and snacks…

Or a good book to read…

The best time to also catch up on studies and
making contact with friends…

Celebrate the rain…

It only means that the sun shall shine bigger and brighter than ever…

Only a select few can see the true beauty that lies behind what just might seem like a rainy day
or a grey sky…

But it holds new life in every drop that falls…

New beginnings for nature…

But although we will always face challenges in life…

We should not focus too much on the problems that we lose sight of the opportunities…

We should always find the optimistic viewpoint of
every situation…

The waters of life will not always be calm…

Life will not always be rosy…

And not all of your days will be sweet…

But how we handle these days…

Will make us stronger and equipped for our
accomplishments later!!!

Story Teller

An Alphabet of Famous Goops


AN ALPHABET OF FAMOUS GOOPS. Which you’ll Regard with Yells and Whoops.

Futile Acumen! For you Yourselves are Doubtless Dupes Of Failings Such as Mar these Groups

We all are Human!

1 ABEDNEGO was Meek and Mild; he Softly Spoke, he Sweetly Smiled.

2 He never Called his Playmates Names, and he was Good in Running Games;

3 But he was Often in Disgrace because he had a Dirty Face!

4 BOHUNKUS would Take Off his Hat, and Bow and Smile, and Things like That.

5 His Face and Hair were Always Neat, and when he Played he did not Cheat;

6 But Oh! what Awful Words he Said, when it was Time to Go to Bed!

7 The Gentle CEPHAS tried his Best to Please his Friends with Merry Jest;

8 He tried to Help Them, when he Could, for CEPHAS, he was Very Good;

9 And Yet -They Say he Used to Cry, and Once or Twice he Told a Lie!

10 DANIEL and DAGO were a Pair who Acted Kindly Everywhere;

11 They studied Hard, as Good as Gold, they Always did as They were Told;

12 They Never Put on Silly Airs, but They Took Things that were Not Theirs.

13 EZEKIEL, so his Parents said, just Simply Loved to Go to Bed;

14 He was as Quiet as could Be whenever there were Folks to Tea;

15 And yet, he had a Little Way of Grumbling, when he should Obey.

16 When FESTUS was but Four Years Old his Parents Seldom had to Scold;

17 They never Called him β€˜FESTUS DON’T!’ he Never Whined and said β€˜I Won’t!’

18 Yet it was Sad to See him, Dine. His Table Manners were Not Fine.

19 GAMALIEL took Peculiar Pride in Making Others Satisfied.

20 One Time I asked him for his Head. β€˜Why, Certainly! GAMALIEL Said.

21 He was Too Generousvery he Wholly Lacked.

22 HAZAEL was (at Least he Said he Was) Exceedingly Well Bred;

23 Forbidden Sweets he would not Touch, though he might Want them very Much.

24 But Oh, Imagination Fails to quite Describe his Finger Nails!

25 How Interesting ISAAC Seemed! He never Fibbed, he Seldom Screamed;

26 His Company was Quite a Treat to all the Children on the Street;

27 But Nurse has Told me of his Wrath when he was Made to Take a Bath!

28 Oh, Think of JONAH when you’re Bad; Think what a Happy Way he had

29 Of Saying β€˜Thank You! -β€˜If you Please’ – β€˜Excuse Me, Sir,’ and Words like These.

30 Still, he was Human, like Us All. His Muddy Footprints Tracked the Hall.

31 Just fancy KADESH for a Name! Yet he was Clever All the Same;

32 He knew Arithmetic, at Four, as well as Boys of Nine or More!

33 But I Prefer far Duller Boys, who do Not Make such Awful Noise!

34 Oh, Laugh at LABAN if you Will, but he was Brave when he was Ill.

35 When he was Ill, he was so Brave he Swallowed All his Mother Gave!

36 But Somehow, She could never Tell why he was Worse when he was Well!

37 If MICAH’s Mother Told him β€˜No’ he Made but Little of his Woe;

38 He Always Answered, β€˜Yes, I’ll Try!’ for MICAH Thought it Wrong to Cry.

39 Yet he was Always Asking Questions and Making quite Ill-timed Suggestions.

40 I Fancy NICODEMUS Knew as Much as I, or even You;

41 He was Too Careful, I am Sure, to Scratch or Soil the Furniture;

42 He never Squirmed, he never Squalled; he Never Came when he was Called!

43 Some think that OBADIAH’S Charm was that he Never Tried to Harm

44 Dumb Animals in any Way, though Some are Cruel when they Play.

45 But though he was so Sweet and Kind, his Mother found him Slow to Mind.

46 When PELEG had a Penny Earned, to Share it with his Friends he Yearned.

47 And if he Bought a Juicy Fig, his Sister’s Half was Very Big!

48 Had he not Hated to Forgive, he would have been Too Good to Live!

49 When QUARTO’S brother QUARTO Hit, was QUARTO Angry? Not a Bit!

50 He Called the Blow a Little Joke, and so Affectionately Spoke,

51 That Everybody Loved the Lad. Yet Oh, What Selfish Ways he had!

52 Was REUBEN Happy? I should Say! He laughed and Sang Livelong Day.

53 He Made his Mother Smile with Joy to See her Sunny-Tempered Boy.

54 However, she was Not so Gay when REUB Refused to Stop his Play!

55 When SHADRACH Cared to be Polite, they Called him Gentlemanly, Quite;

56 His Manners were Correct and Nice; he Never Asked for Jelly Twice!

57 Still, when he Tried to Misbehave, O, how Much Trouble SHADRACH Gave!

58 Don’t Think that TIMOTHY was Ill because he Sometimes Kept so Still.

59 He knew his Mother Did Not Care to Hear him Talking Everywhere.

60 He did not Tease, he did Not Cry, but he was Always Asking β€˜WHY?’

61 URIAH Never Licked his Knife, nor Sucked his Fingers, in his Life.

62 He Never Reached, to Help Himself, the Sugar Bowl upon the Shelf.

63 He Never Popped his Cherry Pits, but he had Horrid Sulky Fits!

64 To See young VIVIUS at his Work, you Knew he’d Never Try to Shirk.

65 The Most Unpleasant Things he’d Do, if but his Mother Asked him To.

66 But when young Vivius Grew Big, it seems he was a Norful Prig!

67 Why WABAN always Seemed so Sweet, was that he Kept so Clean and Neat.

68 He never Smooched his Face with Coal, his Picture Books were Fresh and Whole.

69 He washed His Hands Ten Times a Day; but, Oh, what Horrid Words he’d Say!

70 What shall I say of XENOGOR, Save that he Always Shut the Door!

71 He always Put his Toys Away when he had Finished with his Play.

72 But here his List of Virtues Ends. A Tattle-Tale does not Make Friends.

73 YERO was Noted for the Way with which he Helped his Comrades Play;

74 He’d Lend his Cart, he’d Lend his Ball, his Marbles, and his Tops and All!

75 And Yet (I Doubt if you’ll Believe), he Wiped his Nose upon his Sleeve!

76 The Zealous ZIBEON was Such as Casual Callers Flatter Much.

77 His Maiden Aunts would Say, with Glee, β€˜How Good, how Pure, how Dear is He!’

78 And Yet, he Drove his Mother Crazy β€” he was so Slow, he was so Lazy! ~

I pray that you get it @bestofnatureblog



Facebook Madness


Suddenly I realised what a waste of time a profile is on Facebook. I thought people appreciated seeing the person who owned a Facebook.

Those days are over and I will enlighten you why then maybe you will follow my thinking.

Lately, I have received comments especially from friends on Facebook ” Will I post a photo of myself on Facebook”!!!!!??????

Surprise Surprise

I update my profile as subjected to Facebook rules across all Media proving ownership. And any other proof required.

The folk who have been following this site for year’s and in groups must need to look at profiles before signing up. I do believe that was normal.

Perhaps these days you need glasses or learn to read. I make no apologies in writing this.


I spend heaps of money to entertain them by gifting videos and all these sharable posts. I do this to help folk to be happy seeing something nice.

The world is suffering right now. We all are in this mess together.

I’m am a female, married. Nobody important, just trying to fit in like everyone one else. I don’t want your money, your admiration. Please I sincerely hope that people would not be personal.

Numerous other folks on here a charitable and work very hard to entertain all of us. All those people have unlimited data and resources to entertain us. Please may I say you are Gods gift?


Without you, Facebook could not operate this platform free to users. Yes, Facebook does sell advertising to all everyone free access to world usage.

Some of you older Facebook users know I am a regular basis Facebook in jail inhabitant. I don’t mind I do my time

Oversharing at times especially 3 D photos is a misdemeanour by Facebook standards. Three day jail time

Anyway, now you should get it! My profile is going to be anything except human. Or write in comments you profoundly will apologise for not reading or buy yourself glasses or block yourself course you have a very strange head problem.


More to I can’t speak English. Needlessly I do not speak on Messenger I deleted it!

Thank you, real humans, for reading this long text. Please leave your name so I don’t block you. You are welcome at all times to block me