#OnThisDay 31yrs Ago On This Night …

When people read a book they say it begins with in the beginning but for this story its truly was the Beginning of a magical journey beyond belief and back ….

‘Man Cannot Live By Bread Alone But Every Word That Comes From God’ Amen

This story is about a boy who was nervous, shy and scared of life …afraid some might say but he was just 14 when first he asked or should l say 🙏 for someone to ‘Love Him For Who He Was ‘ and it took many years, before he would feel that love he asked for …this was a journey of life but not like anything he would ever know or understand until now ….

You see this is a never ending story as it does have a beginning and an end but they are the same as one part (or step) began the journey (one step) would end that part of the same journey …..

As this was the story of a search for knowledge for the greatest knowledge in this world and beyond as it was the search for ‘The Love of God’ and would end as it began with beginning not an end ……

So now my reason for on this day …it truly took from 14 – 36yrs of age for this young boy to realise a dream of what he read at that tender age to come true in his ❤️ and make him believe ……

This was a passage in a bible that read: As he heard so many times later spoken by many people but on that Sunday it would begin a life beyond a life …..

He Read: ‘Man Cannnot Live By Bread Alone But Every Word That Cometh From God’ then he walked out of Sunday school as that day it was closed and he would never return to read the bible to many years later when he would most need it…

So on this day 31yrs ago he most needed that Love more than any child needed comfort, care and gentleness like no man as now he was a man and he was being shown the ‘Love Of God’ existed just for him ….

The next months of his life was filled with ‘pain and heartache’ but he never gave up his believe even when he was desperate he carried on with his faith in God which would grow gradually like a little light getting brighter and brighter daily as he was filled with all ‘The Love of God’ until took away the pain and brought him back into the light able to stand up and be seen once again and no longer afraid ……

Now l said that it was 31yrs ago tonight much since that day has the man seen and learned and his knowledge has grown, his humility has grown and his compassion for others is much greater than ever before ……

Though one thing he has learned above all that he has suffered and gained knowledge of is, that people may 🙏 and nothing happens sometimes for many years but one day when you no longer can do anything for yourself God is there to ‘Say l AM Here To Help You’ that is what l know l was that little boy …..

But there’s more the journey has only just begun as it never ends ….


By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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