Only in Australia 😂😂🇦🇺🇦🇺

I get a call from ElderSource in reference to a referral I’d gotten from a support group.

For 20 minutes, I answered every question you could imagine and then some.

I told her she is in early-stage seven of Alzheimer’s Disease and dependent on me for EVERYTHING.
The interview should have ended right there but…
She pressed on, asking more questions, to which I answered “All of the time”.

Does she need help with:
bathing, All of the time, her hospice aide does that.
toileting, All of the time
meal preparation, All of the time, I do all the cooking
handling finances, All of the time
grocery shopping, All of the time (I’m trying to keep from laughing)
cleaning the house, YES. and so do I.
laundry, YES Again, so do I.
using the phone, All of the time but, she does ok making calls on the TV remote.

…My eyes have rolled up into my brain. 🙄
Finally, towards the bottom of the list, she asked:

“Does she need help driving a car”? ?!?!?!?!?!?

By now, I was pondering the IQ of the people who wrote this and, in a moment of orneriness, dark humor or whatever, I blurted:

Yes, but, I operate the radio, air conditioning, brakes, accelerator pedal, and the controls on the right side of the wheel.
She does the steering.

Without skipping a beat, she goes right on to the next question. 🤣


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