Only in Australia 😁😂

One of the AFL’s most high-profile fans will boycott AFL games until AFL chief executive Gillon McLachlan apologises to supporters for the way they’ve been treated in recent weeks.

Collingwood supporter Jeff ‘Joffa’ Corfe has declared he will not attend another game to make a stand after a recent spate of incidents that have seen fans banned and thrown out of games for comments made in the crowd.

The AFL has denied there has been a crackdown on fan behaviour despite supporters being singled out.

“I won’t attend another AFL game until Gill comes out and apologises to all supporters at the way we are being treated,” Joffa wrote on his Facebook page.

“Some one (sic) has to make a stand on behalf of all other decent like minded supporters at the way we have been portrayed.

“Football is all about banter and fun booing and having a go at the umpiring. It’s about us you and me. I have never sensed outrage in the Terraces as what we are seeing now.

“So AFL get your supporter cardboard cut outs to replace us, get your fake crowd noise over the loud speaker systems at all grounds to replace us. We are the game or at least we thought we were!!”

  • The Herald Sun
Only in Australia 😁😂

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