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Old American Twang 😂

We used to use the term “conniption” in Montana, when I was growing up; we only used it in the term CONNIPTION FIT, and a person would “have a conniption fit” if they were VERY upset. 😁- It is a made-up word, used by “Country Folk,” like The Beverly Hillbillies; it falls into the category of words like: “tallywacker:” the male sexual organ, and “tarnation,” used in the the phrase “what in (the) tarnation” is wrong with ma? and “lickety split:” quickly.

Thank you for sharing the Peace ✌️

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Cute. We used to say “conniption” in Brooklyn, New York. No “fit.” It’s 19th century vernacular. “Tarnation” is a clip from damnation. Lick + split. Again 19th century vernacular. You chose a fun combo here. Well done. 🙂

😁 we are still tickled with glee😊 Mystic Poet did it again our Professor of the English language. Oh my golly gosh, I still can’t pronounce???? 🤣😅 😁 funniest diction 😃😁

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