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Oh no honey, Twins 🙃

“PROGRAMS!” a poem, programmed, just for YOU, for: Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Twiddledee!* and Twiddledum!* were-twins, so I am told!*
Twins are pretty in-ter-esting! Some-are-meek; some, bold!
Some, you can NOT tell a-apart; some, are-pret-ty dif-fer-Ent,
But-they-all-have-this “magic-connection!” Consider-an-Ex-per-i-m-Ent:

Or-rather A CASE STUDY, ** done some years ago!
I read about-it – in-a-Science-Book! A SCI-ENCE BOOK, you-know!

There-was for-instance, ONE-SET-OF-TWINS, separated-at-birth,
One-kid went to Argentina! The-other – landed in Perth!***
They NEVER met – for 40 years!
And, when-they-did, there-were lots-of-tears!

But (GET THIS!) Turns-out! They-were-BOTH-named-Bobby!****
And they BOTH enjoyed TENNIS, as their favorite hobby!
They both married a DON, and-had-a-cocker***** named BO!!
Both had broken their LEFT TOE!!

And – both had-become Orthodox Jews!
And – both had the favorite color: Chartreuse!******
THE THING IS: NO CONTACT! All that time!
Such co-incidence – is BEYOND this rhyme!

FREE WILL, folks? Well, listen here:
Perhaps there’s some – BUT! Not-a-lot, I fear!
But, NOT-TO-FEAR – even-IF-we’re-mostly-“PROGRA(h)MS!”
That’s OK! Please-re-sist aw-ful tant – ru[a]ms!

And – That’s-just-how-it-is! (pause)

fin <3

* – Twin characters – in Lewis Carroll’s “Alice in Wonderland!”
** – Decades ago, a study was conducted to find twins, separated at birth, and – THEN! bring them together! The results . . . were INTERESTING, to say the least!
*** – Perth, The Capital of Western Australia!
**** – Actually, ROBERT(O), Bebe! & Babby, with, of course, different last names!
***** – Cocker spaniels: dogs with big, dreamy eyes – and impish personalities!

****** – a color between green and yellow!

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