Oh my goodness gracious what next ~

Pope Francis Says โ€˜Homosexuality Is No Longer A Sinโ€™

It is no surprise that the Roman Catholic Church is full of child molesters, pedophiles, rapists and homosexual priests. Yet people continue to follow a religion full of immorality. The Roman Catholic Church has left thousands of victims and has destroyed hundreds of families. Their practice of homosexuality has been covered extensively by the media yet Christians have remained silent as these incidents continue to occur within the church.

In a fairly recent private interview with Pope Francis, he disclosed to a Whistle blower named Juan Carlos Cruz that, โ€œGod loves gays.โ€ Which is a direct contradiction to the Catholic Church teachings. He further went on to admit that, โ€œAnd it is okay to be a homosexual.โ€ 

In Leviticus 20:13, Genesis 19, Romans 1:18-32, 1 Timothy 1:8-10, the verses contained in these chapters clearly states that, homosexuality is a serious sin. There are many members within the Catholic Church who can come together, and fully expose the immorality going on within the Catholic Church but they remain silent. Are Christians really powerless to effect any change at all in their reality and that of innocent children within the church? 

The aforementioned statement made by Pope Francis became a scandal which he later tried to deny all statements made by him concerning homosexuality. He was also forced to change his stance concerning the topic of homosexuality as it pertains to the Christian faith, after he was questioned by investigators.

In conclusion, the Christian Church is a big fraud masquerading as spirituality. And for people seeking true spirituality, it might come as a shock but religion of any kind is clearly not the answer.

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