NSW Police Officer Vaughan Mark Hildebrand

Former NSW Police Officer Vaughan Hildebrand has pleaded guilty to stalking and blackmailing 15 women and underage girls into forced rape and making explicit videos

A former NSW police officer blackmailed his victims into having sexual intercourse (rape) as part of an elaborate deception involving social media, a court has heard. Vaughan Mark Hildebrand faced a NSW District Court sentence hearing on Monday after admitting to 44 offences involving 15 victims over a decade.

The former police officer has pleaded guilty to 44 offences against a dozen women, including intimidation, stalking, harassment, using a carriage service to solicit child pornography, and 17 counts of rape.

Crown prosecutor John Bowers said Hildebrand initially used social media to demand his victims supply him with explicit images – with some of them complying. The now 30-year-old had a “modus operandi” where he threatened to share images with friends, family, partners or colleagues if victims didn’t meet other demands.

Mr Bowers said Hildebrand concealed his identity online and, in some instances, there were “very high levels of deception”. This is a case, the Crown says, of elaborate planning and deception by the offender in relation to all of his victims, motivated by a need for sexual gratification,” Mr Bowers said.

Victims included five of his police officer colleagues, who are serving police officers. Initially three women came forward to accuse him of serious sexual allegations in mid-2017; nine more alleged victims then came forward in late-2017 to accuse him of sexual assault and rape.

Hildebrand made gross breaches of his duty as a police officer and used his position to harass and blackmail victims. He used restricted police data, fake social media accounts and burner phones to commit these offences. He even pretended to be a plastic surgeon once to obtain images of women’s breasts. After receiving these images, he used them against his victims as blackmail to demand more explicit images be sent to him.

In January 2017 he was initially suspended from the police force after accessing restricted data on a police computer. He resigned in October of that year, despite having been in custody since his arrest in June of that year and has been refused bail twice. 68 charges were laid against him in total and the prosecution expects more victims may come forward.

This is a shocking mis-use of his power, it is believed that Hildebrand was committing the crimes before he was a police officer and became a police officer with a view to increase his ability to commit his despicable crimes.

He mis-used his police powers and resources and even blackmailed his fellow police officers !

Please no victim blaming, anyone victim blaming will have their comments removed without discussion. It is no-ones fault but
Hildebrand and he will be sentenced at a later date, where we at FACAA hope he faces the maximum sentence.

Vaughan Hildebrand, you betrayed the integrity of the NSW Police force, you broke the trust of the public and your fellow officers. You used the trust they had in you for betrayal and to rape and abuse women and children !
You should be behind bars for decades to come for your crimes !

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Former NSW Police Officer Pleads Guilty to 44 Sexual Offences

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