American History

“Nonsense In America”

“Nonsense In America”
It’s just a bit of nonsense, in America, not profound,

Which masquerades as serious, but desecrates the ground.


Don’t let the turkeys come and get you down,

Like politicians, lawyers, doctors –

They will make you frown.
A black man’s killed, a white man too;

this is a good excuse, To pillage, burn and kill some more;

perfection’s on the loose.

Let’s be correct, where kindness is life’s one,

right, pure, useful purpose,

No more hunger, greed or need –

High standards can usurp us.

The disease will stop,

and life will flourish as soon as we get done,

With harmful pollution, wars and famine; are we having fun?

When you see monarchs in The White House and dementia in campaigns, Biden,

Pelosi, Don and Hillary – will take respective lanes.

America is full of nonsense, like treaties to surrender; 

It’s comedy behind closed doors: jesters should not fight.

And life is nonsense in this place of cabbages and kings,

If you take America TOOseriously, heartache this thing brings.

So, take us with a grain of salt, about ten stories high.

The nonsense of America can make me cry.

America can be a force to help all humankind,

But to be great.

It must be good, or else It’s bloody blind.

So, come on, Old America and take a good lead,

To help all people and be kind;

PROgress is what we need.

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