No one loves me 🤪


“MAKING ARRANGEMENTS FOR MY DELIGHTFUL REPTILIAN VACATION!” a poem, written on or about the last day of July! I’m “booking” a trip – to-a-stinky-ISLAND, where-salamanders roam! * I’ve had ENOUGH – of Life as-it-is; it’s a-terrible-old-poem! * Lucky-folk-die-so-why-can’t-I? and end “this tale of woe?” * No one loves me! No one needs me! Of-this, I surely KNOW! * “Why, oh why, hath-THOU forsaken-me?” Upon this cross I hang! * I never-signed-up – and-CERTAINLY-don’t-deserve – the-bite-of-Life’s-evil-fang! * I died and left – and went somewhere, to a place-where-no-one-goes! * I sat and stared, for-mil-lenia – and picked gunk from my nose! * And, as I sat, a-notice-arrived, that-I-should-expect-some-news, * A manuscript, a little bit: questions, but-mostly-clues! * A parcel arrived (and inside) was something THEY SAID I WROTE!! * I read and read, alone and dead, every bloody note! * I had written this? before-I-came? that-ALL-I-WANTED WAS-THE-TRUTH! * About all life – and being a wife, like The Biblical Lady named Ruth! * And I noticed an e-mail in response, which said: “You’re part of ME! * And if you want The Truth, Dear One, the only-way it can be, * Is IF you agree to complete amnesia – and go into life quite blind, * So you can discover, no-matter-how-you’re treated, YOU’RE ALWAYS S’POSE TO BE KIND!” * But kindness-for-Ruth’s-“a double edged sword,” which makes you feel USED! * Let’s remember Jesus Christ! He loved – and-was a-bused! * But The-Point-is – that’s the way it goes, IF you wanna experience LIFE, * To its fullest . . . or its poorest – as-a husband or a-wife! * And the documents concluded, as I read, that I HAD A CHANCE TO LEARN, * All the stuff that was talked about! and-IF-I-DID, I’d-have-a-good-turn! * That-when-I-finally-“grew-up-a-bit,” some “fool” would arrive! * Some person who w[c]ould CHERISH ME – and even maybe “drive” * across the seas – and come-to-my-side, * And love me FOREVER – on-“A Magic-Carpet Ride!” * AND – I would trust-him-NOT-MUCH, like-this-stinking life, * Even if he married me – and made me his wife! * AND I’d probably NEVER trust him, ’cause-he’d-be-a-horny-one, * And I’d think he was – of-me, just trying to make fun! * BUT – What a bunch o’ rubbish! These papers can’t be true! * AND, then, I thought, “Oh, GEE! Well – What the HOO!” * And I just-ATE! all the documents and went into a swoon, * Finding me back – in my little room! * AND a knock on the door was startling to me, * So, I opened, I did, quite an-gri-ly, * And-it was a kooky-grinning-fool, with this boyish glint! * and he said, I’m selling manuscripts, poems-and-belly-button-lint! * and I grabbed him by the arm – and I looked him in the eye, * and I said: “Are you for real?” and he said, with-a-little-sigh: * “No, I’m just a figment, of someone’s imagination, * And I-think-I-was-sent-to-torment-you, before you take vacation, * To THE LIZARD ISLANDS, where I am King of ALL! * I-AM!-a reptilian bastard – making this House Call! * To see what you desire – as-a meal-plan-for-the-trip!” * “Man, you are SO CRAZY! but – you-ARE a little hip!” * Well, anyway, I made-it-to-Lizard-Island! It’s a-desert, out in Texas! * But, I gotta say, for all its faults, you-know right-here, the-sex-is * Almost worth “the drive,” but I do dry-retch a lot, * BUT – I’ve-always-been-a-retcher, IN-THIS-SICKENING-WORLD IN-WHICH-I’M-CAUGHT! fin ❤

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    Do not be afraid to take a chance on peace, to teach peace, to live peace…Peace will be the last word of history.
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    Man is least himself when he talks in his own person. Give him a mask, and he will tell you the truth.💥
  • American History ~ Texas
    Advertisements One of the oldest existing ferry services in Texas began 200 years ago. A member of Stephen F. Austin’s Old Three Hundred, Nathaniel Lynch, established his ferry in 1822. The flat-bottomed boat was pulled by hand using a rope strung across the San Jacinto River at Buffalo Bayou. The historic ferry played a vital […]
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  • Todays Interesting Quote: Ursula K.Le Guin
    Advertisements “The creative adult is the child who has survived.” ~ Ursula K. Le Guin Source: