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Don’t ask for permission first, beg for forgiveness later 😁

Do narcissists ever forget their former supply and delete their phone number?

They make an act to others that they despise you, want nothing to to do with you.

They may never ‘contact ‘ you directly.

But make no mistake, just because they’ve discarded you, that doesn’t mean they forget you, and they certainly would not delete your number.

How do I know this?

Before I was discarded, he spoke regularly, and I always mean of his ex..never in a positive light mind you. Nonetheless, he dumped her without a thought and yet it was his major topic whenever we caught up. And he was in his 5th-year post-separation! Still maintaining hatred for her!

I always thought it was so unusual for someone who he ‘despised’ he couldn’t stop talking about her.

Do they delete your number?

After my abrupt discard, he not only kept my number to hoover via an extra sim card he has, but he also hoovered by proxy to my husband.

They may discard, but they do not forget.

Mine tormented himself with his ex..couldn’t stand the loss of control, and the rage would seep out when he spoke of her.

I imagine I am to living rent-free in that sick head of his.

They are mentally disturbed people.

Move on. Get yourself educated and know that this is not someone healthy you should be dealing with.
To: Alice Leary ( my comment) sorry for my reply. I will say again ” move on!” 😂😅


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