The Gospel of The Heavenly Pusher”  a.k.a.: “COOPERATION”

Forgiveness is the key to letting go. Forgiveness isn’t about releasing him or her, its about releasing you

“The Gospel of The Heavenly Pusher”  a.k.a.: “COOPERATION”
Heaven’s what you make of this;

Hell is too.

Everyone I know’s going to Heaven, especially you,

Except me, if there’s a Hell,

I’m sure I’m bound to go,

Of course, I don’t believe in either, I want you to know.

Even politicians, white people and Antifa thugs

None are going to Hell, and Atlas shrugs,And says:

“If you’re bound for Hell, do you have a plan,

To avoid eternal punishment?  Tell me, man.”

So, I made a religion, where, if you’re sufficiently aware,

When you die and (it turns out) there’s an afterlife, and you care,

About being eternally punished, look for anyone near,

And push them into Heaven, always stay in the rear.

The way I figure it, that kind of altruism is a way out,Of Hell’s terror.

In Heaven, you won’t have to cry and shout,

Or you can grab someone’s hand and go in with them,

That way you might avoid humiliation and eternal punishment. 


By ace101

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