Mystic Poet

“THE OTHER WAY!?” a poem a.k.a.: “Alan Watts On The Art Of Stretching!” December 5, 2018 – Wednesday KARAOKE NIGHT (Railroad Blues, Alpine, TX.)

The-WAY-of-The-Buddha – is to-SIT, like-that,
Seiza-or-cross-legged (pause) preferably, on a mat!
The-way-of-Alan-Watts – was The-Way of-THE-CAT,
To meditate a while – then! smell – a rat,
And then-awake-and-stretch – and-then, to leave The Dojo,
Going out into The World, searching for your “mojo!”
For you can sit or-(do)-“practice,” for the-rest of your sweet life,
But life COULD be for living! You might-find yourself a wife!
There-are-some-who-say-HARD-PRACTICES, like austerity, is torment,
But then you’re asked to sit all day, for hours to be dormant,

Or seek The Shrine, to pray a lot,
Or smoke the ganga – or simply – NOT,
Do anything that’s “normal,” like eating-sex-or-sports!
Yet-God-Groups-are-great-for-“the-lonesome,” so you can have cohorts!
Some say: “Life’s for CLEANSING – body, mind and soul;
Perhaps! or you-COULD-minimize the setting of your goal,
As always preparation – for-rewards in Heaven or Hell,
Life’s right here! Why-do-you-fear! A trillion folks will tell,
You, (that)-THEY’RE-GOIN’-TO-“HEAVEN,” but that road has JUST ONE!
The rest go-to-lectures-’bout-Heaven – long-talks to-me aren’t-fun!

fin <3