Famous Poets

Texas Cowboy

“TIME TO TOUCH!” a poem. Wednesday: October 24, 2018

It’s warm – and soft – and wet – and sweet –

It’s time – to touch – and time to eat!

Without your touch, without your teat,

I would go hungry! I’ll-suck-your-feet!

The un-dulations!! {a steady beat,

Keep(s)-me-turned-on!} And-your-body-heat,

I often feel – beneath the sheet,

When, in the morning, your skin I greet!

I crave its savor-y, pleasant scent;

It’s sexy texture, within our tent!

We’re skin-to-skin! I scratch & sniff,

Your blood-and-substance – I love to whiff,

And lounge – and float (pause) in-a-bed-of-clover!

Touch me! Here! (pause)

And-There! ALL OVER! 🙂 – Mmm!

fin <3