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Mystic Poet

“CULT OF CHOICES!” a poem a.k.a.: “How To Recognize A Cult!!” October 24, 2018: Wednesday!

There’s USUALLY one LEADER,* in touch with ONE GOD,**

Who has some charisma – (pause) -give-Her(Him)-the nod,

And CONFESS YOUR DEVOTION*** – you’ve-been-”loyalized,”

In the TRUTH!-DON’T-RESIST! or-ya-might-be lobotomized!****

You are told, “Bow to US!***** and We’ll put up a fence,”******

And “You’re sitting quite pretty!” So, please, DO be “dense,”

And “Resist THE OUTSIDE – and be a good worker,

And DO kiss The Ring – and GOD is a “lurker,”

Who’s waiting to GET YOU, p’rhaps-put-you-in-isolation,*******

But-it’s-for-YOUR-OWN-GOOD – yet-you-CAN-go-on-VACATION,

But ONLY with permission – and to places approved,********

Where other fine members – have probably moved.


Go-to-meetings-regularly! AND – learn how to spell,

Words WE deem appropriate! WORDS we find KIND,

Yea! There! You-got-it! LET US PLAY WITH YOUR MIND! 🙂 – OK! I AM your submissive, oh! Government of Mine! Kiss, kiss!

fin <3

Postscript: And ALSO – (pause) -write a poem every day – read-a-little-thought,

Make SURE – The LEADERS are OK – with-your-smoking-pot!!

Pay all your taxes! and wait for a call,

From your favorite President! Don Trump has it ALL!

And do vote! and buy stuff! And, oh-yes, SAY THE PLEDGE,

And demonize what you’re told to – Stay-away from “The Edge,”

And – See The Doctor twice a year – and a good dentist too,

Celebrate The Holidays – The-speed-limit’s-good-for-you!

Stop at ALL the stop signs – and, PLEASE! No crude jokes about sex,

And watch a LOT of “good” TV! Within this cultural hex!

And when you get-to-Heaven, ‘cause you’re-a-good-tax-payer,

Get you-some gold pavement! And-lay-it! ‘Cause you’ve trained as a brick layer!

* – called a Premier or President or Ruler

** – Usually a corporeal figure, ruling in The SKY over you – who LOVES YOU – for YOUR OWN GOOD!

*** – Giving your allegiance to The Group is VERY good! 🙂

**** – Spiritual lobotomy is not pretty! You might lose YOUR WHOLE FACE! 🙂

***** – i.e.: Obey The Law, regardless of how fair you think it is (or not!)

****** – like a border fence, to prevent the influx of “undesirable” people, unfamiliar with our superior life style, attitude and relationship with The One True God!!

******* – We have many facilities that are happy to incarcerate you, for many offenses, especially drug related, OUTSIDE of the states of California and Colorado (”C” states are, of course, the best! So, you can pretty much do anything you want there! NO A PRICE!!)

******** – We, The People (of Your Government) must ban your travel to certain locations; however, IF YOUR PASSPORT IS CURRENT (i.e.: IF you can afford our outlandish requirements & charges) we will permit you access to certain areas! AND – we might come get you – IF you fall into “enemy hands!”********* “Helping hands are happy hands!” The Mystic Poet.

********* – and it’s politically expedient! Yay! for US! 🙂