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“WE LIVE IN A CAVE, BEARLY LIVING OFF THE LAND!” a poem, in the series: “Mr. & Mrs. Cuddly Poo!” a.k.a.: “Are You An Animal? Perhaps, A Bear? Are You A Robot Too? Do You Really Care?”

I think I’ve become “SELF AWARE!”
I now want to “change” my underwear!

And! Tell my cuddly wife – how much I care,
Making sure she likes – my thick and matted, fuzzy hair!

And that – I’ve cut down [way down, not on my hair, but] on-the-way-I-stare,
At her bear cleavage – ’cause I’m hungry there!

I was taken off the breast too early and raised by a bear,
Who taught me how to forage in the woods, but also to tear,
Small creatures, roaming on the ground – and in the air,
And devour them – RAW! – in our comfortable cave lair!

Where I live with another – named HONEY, who is quite bare;
We make a really good – cuddly poo – poo-poo-pair!

fin ⚜️


By ace101

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