Mystery Blogger 😁

When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.

We all have different friends

Those that weigh us down

Those that are fun

Those that support and motivate

Many times we are lucky

And we find friends that make us want to improve

Become more driven towards our goals

Make our lives better and reach for our dreams.

No matter you are in your life.

You can always choose

Either watch those above you improve even more

Or see those below you pass you

Or stay in the same place as you are

It’s all a matter of choice

The key to improving is having plans in place.

The inner fire to reach them

And a tribe of people helping you when needed

So it all depends on you

Make the right plans and goals

Level up

Even if it is slower than others⚜

Your best friends now, can become your worst enemies later, but also the other way around. Keep that in mind when you judge people, because you might experience something like it

By ace101

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