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β€œNATURAL EMPATH!” a poem a.k.a.: β€œFor Love of HER!” Dec. 4, 2018 – Tuesday!

Years ago I wrote some-letters! I wrote them, don’t-cha-know!
It was this real, rotten year – I wrote of all the woe!
I wrote-a-letter-for-each-month! It was A YEAR OF LOSS:
I lost my kitty β€œSpunky!” That cat, she was β€œBoss!”
She kept me company at night, and meowed when I came home,
And, then, one day she disappeared! I-wrote-her-a-little-poem!*
And-I lost my little innocence! That year, a rapist came,
Into my room – and β€œdid me in!” Yet, no one is to blame!
I lost my favorite shirt, I did; I lost it at The Gym;
It was a gift from grampa – and-helped-me-remember-him.
I lost a grade in school – β€œThey” forced me-to-go-ahead,
And skip a grade – no-friends I made – in-the-next-class, I-was β€œdead!”
I lost my favorite uncle! And-my bicycle got stole!
I-lost-my-desire-to-go-on – That-year was β€œA Black Hole!”
I wrote some stuff for every month – 12 letters there in all,
Then I-grew-up – got-married (pause) with-a-job-and-a-boy-named Paul,
But-my-best-friend-is-my-pretty-wife; she makes my life so fun,
And, when she found these letters once, she-read-them-one-by-one!
Now, she’s-an-Angel, and-a-β€œtrue-empath!” She REALLY FEELS-my-pain,
So, when she started reading-those-letters, I-needed to explain,
That – that-was-then – and now-is-now,
And she-simply should-not β€œhave a cow,”
BUT! When she read the-one-for-Jan., she couldn’t sleep all night,
Plus-Feb.-then-Mar. – and-into-Apr., she really showed some fright,
And, when she said she’d had enough – and-that-I-should-probably-burn-’em,
Because they’d likely do me harm, I-got-a-constricted-sternum!
β€˜Cause they were letters, by-little-ol’-me, written long ago,
With little words from little hands, although-they-were-full-of-woe!
So-I-said, β€œI’m-gonna-keep-’em-Hon; you do-not have to read!”
But, after-a-while, my curious Lover – she read of May, indeed,
And got pretty-sick, and I REALLY-KNEW,
My empathic-sweetie was getting-blue,
Because of silly, rotten letters –
For LOVE OF HER – those memories (pause) were taken out and shot!
You know, my Friends, there’s-nothing-more-sacred,- or – important-to-me,
As-The Peace-of-Mind of-My-Lovely-Wife, My-Joy-and-My Swee-ty!

* – which, maybe, some day I’ll share, but not today,