MUSHY LOVE STORIES: “The Yummy Strokin’ Family Guy!”

MUSHY LOVE STORIES: “The Yummy Strokin’ Family Guy!”

Once upon a time, I think a fellow met his true love! Her name was Kailee! She came “into” the world from “above!”*

Well, this guy Sherman and Kailee married & lived to be quite old! Maybe they were 80 or so at the time this story is told! They lived and they loved, and they grew older together! They were like peas and carrots, in all sorts of weather!

They had a couple of FAIRLY-cute kids, bought a house and a car, and they’re content, pretty much wherever they are! As they got older, they moved a bit slower! “K” enjoyed sitting in a lounger, one somewhat lower, but Sherm liked to cook meals and clean a bit and go shopping: even though that-was K’s “regular job,” she gave up so much “hopping” around to get grocery purchases, and do cooking and stuff! Yet, Sherm was pleased as punch! He seemed to never get enough of doing stuff for Kate! I guess he really adored her so!

Once, one of their kids had a birthday, for even kids get older, as you know!

It was a pizza party, with cake and ice cream, and “one year to grow!” It was a pretty nice day, as far as days go! As Dad Sherm and The Kid sat around the dinner table, they chatted about current affairs and talked about a famous FABLE: One about a man married 50 years, to the same ol’ wife! He was interviewed by a youngster, asking if there hadn’t been strife! The interviewer said: “50 years? That’s a long time!” “Yeah, but it would-a-been-MUCH-longer-without-Her!” was his rhyme!

Anyway, back to now, and these two guys are eating pizza pie, and Sherm had a little bit of the classic, wondering eye, looking over at Katie, asking her if she needed anything! “Not now,” she said, “but, for The Kid’s birthday – let’s definitely sing!”

So, they sang The Birthday Song, candles got blown; everyone had a nice meal, this should be known! And, with YUMMY cake in his mouth, Sherm said to The Kid with a purr: “You know, Sonny! I just LOVE lookin’-at-her!”

And The Kid thought: “After 60 + years of starts, STROKES! and stops, Of heartaches, difficulties, washes and mops, and diapers and arguments and finances and travel – and-all-sorts-of-chances-to-have-everything-unravel, these two are still together, and Sherm feels THAT way!


*We all do, actually! Some people just don’t notice!

The End?

By ace101

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