Mother is a Child


A mother is a mother
But a mother is a baby too.
Plants spring from the earth
The seeds fall to the ground,
And in turn, springs from the earth too.
In an exceptional infinite cycle.

The question does the chicken
Come from the egg or vice versa
Is absurd on the face of it.
For the ubiquitous egg
And the feathery chicken
Spring from each other.

So do not ask which is mother
Which is infant?
For the mother is present in the infant
As the infant in the mother


6 replies on β€œMother is a Child ”

Hello! This is a beautiful quote! Thank you for sharing!

It reminds me of sometime back (and even recently), when I was working on self forgiveness and guilt…and the lady in the YouTube video (Louise Hay), was speaking of imagining ourselves as a young 4 years or 5 year old child…and hugging that child with love and forgiveness.

The same with our parents, we imagine our mum or dad as a young 5 year old or so year old child, and we go towards them too in love and forgiveness for the hurt they have caused in our lives, and we find out we saw others or ourselves as the β€œgiants” of our pain and we were unforgiving… but then we remember they (including our mum and dad) and we too were once children and once small and once innocent and we find the beautiful complexity of life of us as adults and grown, but there is the child within us too who also yearns for love and forgiveness.

…I dont know why I keep pressing β€˜enter to post’ on my phone instead of making a new paragraph. Oh well wishing you and everyone too a lovely, loving, and gentle mother’s day

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