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An amazing presentation. I am so glad this is still available . . . Thank you, Carel. According to the film, Aphrodite NOW lives in Sweden, married to Creativity.

“CYPRUS.” a poem, November 29, 2019

History twists and turns, like poems,

AND has A way ofSEEMINGLY destroying homes.

NO matter how nice; no matter where,

HISTORY (if given a chance) unravels “Your Cyprus” withoutAcare.

To the point where, although great beauty might remain,

Things become SO DIFFERENT and you suffer such pain,

Examining the changes, you just flee for your life,

Imagining you can be somebody else’s wife.

AND, of course, maybe you can, but your memories come back.

Isn’tEveryone under “history’s attack?”

Doesn’tIT change EVERYTHING in the blink of eye?

For no particular reason? It seems like History won’t try,

To splinter and confound THEhomeOFmemories you adore,


HOME is NOT where you are; it’s NOT what you recall,

It’s your flesh and blood body; you’re YOU OWN “living doll.”

So, cry if you must, but toss out your hands,

Look in the mirror! It’s your HOME, (pause) “sacred lands,”

Your home’s here and now, and History isAbook,

OneInWhich from time to time, you mightTAKEa [NOSTALGIC]look.

BUT, be sure toADOREyourREALhome; remember: It’s YOU,


And it’s dynamic and amazing and ITmightHURT, but IT’S ALWAYS BRAND NEW.

fin <3


By ace101

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