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“AVOIDING THE ACUTE ANGLE!”* a poem May 31, 2019 (Friday)

I never wanna taunt you! Never! ever! ever!
IF I do, it’s not on purpose, for-I-know-I’m-not-so-clever,
That I can afford EVER! to-put-another-person-“down!”
I don’t wanna insult you, for I take no pleasure in your frown!

So, if you feel derided, it was certainly NOT my wish!
Realize-I-feel-insulted-much-of-the-time! BUT-I’m-a-“sensitive-fish,”
Which means I tend to oft’ mistake – what people say and do,
Thinking that I’m important enough for them to taunt me too!

Thus, if-I-ever, in-your-eyes, seem-to-be-taunting-ANYONE,
Please tell me pretty-quick! so-I-might-awake and-stun,
Myself into the awareness – of the pos-si-bi-li-ty,
That I am being a horse’s a- – which-is-certainly-NOT be-yond-a-me!

fin <3

  • – a phrase used by author Dale Carnegie suggesting that no one ever wins an argument

    By ace101

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