Diwakar Methil Poet


I will love you from farway


You are out of bounds to me
Factors myriad separate me from you
We inhabit different ambiances, worlds
I can love you only from faraway
And be happy in this love.

You are not mine in any sense
Except as a miasmic friend
A magnificent mirage
Over life’s empty desert
Spinning in an outer orbit
However always ascendant
On my immediate horizon
I never lose sight of you.

I won’t say I love you
I know it won’t be welcome
A love thrust upon you
That you don’t hope or expect.

I won’t be a nuisance
A snake in the grass
A black ant in paradise
I will ever be on your margins
Camouflaged in anonymity
From where I will love,
I will adore, and cherish you.

Won’t trespass into your space
Won’t intrude on your time
I am comfortable, content
Happy to love you thus.
Love that is unfulfilled
Needn’t be love in misery.

Go about your ways my lovely
I will admire you from far away