Hello 🦋

Having a sense of purpose in your life is essential to well-being 🙆‍♀️

Equally, significant is having a sense of purpose in
your role at work💁‍♀️

You have to continue to search and find a sense of objective in your vocation as conditions shift

You don’t have to quit your predominant job to stay engaged🙆‍♀️

Yet, sometimes you may need a crucial change🦋

For instance, if you find yourself believing “There must be more to my working life than just sitting here making money and not making an impact”🤦‍♀️

Perhaps you dread going into the office on Monday morning or maybe you simply outgrew your role and you are bored to tears in your cubicle 🌼

These are all signs that you need to find a new sense of purpose in your career🤔

When you have a sense of purpose at work✨

You feel passionate💥

Innovative and committed✨

Your outward-looking focus is on serving the job
you are busy with🙌

Also, your professional purpose is in balance with
your purpose ✨

If you feel this way, then you have a purpose

Nonetheless, if you are focused on advancing your career and you prioritize increasing your salary, title, team size, power, or sphere of control, you have a career mindset ✨

Finally, if you perform your duties in return for compensation and not much else🤷‍♀️

Then you have a job mindset🎀

Remember that balance between personal and work
is very important to ensure you don’t drain yourself


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