Broken Souls Do Heal

Time heals most thoughts of loneliness

Rejection is the saddest form of abuse

Disrespect is the lowest form of ignorance

Sadness always comes unannounced


And then comes the flood gates of TEARS

TEARS are sent from God to help us heal

Tears are our Blessings

Let them flow like rains drops healing your SOUL


5 thoughts on “BROKEN SOULS💥💥💥

  1. I know I am biased, but these graphics are phenomenal! Transcending The World, but, still, celebrating it. Thank-you, Princess. I am blessed (and stunned) to have my name associated with your phenomenal “blog.” Thanks!

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  2. Hi, Mimmy: You have a fan club! Why wouldn’t we . . . for the sweetest gal we know! My sentiments correspond with trussell56. We are all waiting to catch you, imagining you might need support; however, there is no sense catching someone that flies! Thanks for all your gifts. J Jay from Alpine, Texas ❤

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