Little birdie ~ I really do love you

“I REALLY DO!” a poem 10 July 2019 (Woden’s Day!)

I love the little birdies (and kitties); they’re happy and gay,

And they chi-irp! and they me-eow – in-The-Most-Natural-Way!

They’re-so-shy (like me!) and-they-like-to-eat-too,

And-I-like-feeding-them nice-stuff, I do!

Golly, if-there’s-a-Heaven, I’m sure they’re from there;

They-don’t-seem-to-ever-hate-nothin’ – and haven’t-a-care,

UNLESS!!! Kitty shows up when the birdies are eating!

Then, they squawk-and-dive-bomb, giving kitty a beating!

Or, sometimes – when Mr. Raccoon shows up at night,

Then! “Tabby” and “Rory,” well, they have a little fight!

This-can-annoy-little-kitty, I-think -quite-a-lot,

‘Cause-I-figure-the-raccoon’s-a-thousand-pounds!!! and-kitty-is-not!

But! They all seem-to kinda! sorta! get-right along,

And, at the end of the day, nothing’s too wrong!*

Also, sometimes! at the end of the day,

They’ll-leave-me notes, & they like to say:

“We certainly appreciate that you feed us and talk so nice!”

And, since-we have a nice yard, so they’ll-all-usually-visit-twice,

Or, maybe, five times! They’ll fertilize too!

I (just) love birdies! and kitties! and-the-raccoons, I do!

You-can-come-visit-us, for we’re seldom ever blue;

We’re white – and-brown, gray-and-yellow, occasionally-orange, with-a-reddish-hue,

& everyone shares, except when they don’t, but-there’s-plenty-for-me-and-you!

I love the little birdies (and kitties); I REALLY (really) DO!

fin <3

  • – except the birdies “count up,” mourning their fallen comrades!

By ace101

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