Dear Nature ~

People vanish, people? die. People laugh and people cry. Some give up, some will try. Some say hi, while some say bye ✨✨


Taking a walk or ride in nature 🌿

Has a way of clearing your mind🙆‍♀️

As you start💥

You may not feel any different at first🤷‍♀️

But then you stop and look around🌱

The sun decided to shine🌞

No matter how dark the clouds were in the morning✨

No matter if there was rain🌧

It still came out to bring daylight 💥

So some days you may feel like you have no reason
to shine💁‍♀

But when you look at all the beauty in nature 🌿

You realize that there is so many reasons to keep
going on🙌

So breathe in the fresh air and out the negative thought 💥

Remember You are awesome I’m glad you’re here keep going, I appreciate you all 🌿


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