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May.24, 2021: @acenewsservices

Newspaper Headlines: Cancer crisis warning and UK set for ‘heat bubble’ The forced landing of a Ryanair flight in Belarus makes several of the front pages’

Daily Telegraph front page
Experts have warned that Britain is at risk of replacing the Covid crisis with a cancer crisis because of the number of people missing urgent checks since the pandemic began, according to the Daily Telegraph. In the 12 months to March, 304,555 fewer patients in England were given an urgent hospital referral by their GP because of suspected cancer, says the paper.

BBC News: Staff:

Dental patients are also facing delayed treatment, reports the Daily Mail, with some people being forced to wait until 2024 for NHS appointments: Watchdogs said many people were turning to private care or even pulling out their own teeth.”The dentist will see you in three years” is the Daily Express’s headline.

The Express says some were advised by surgeries to resort to DIY filling kits while others were kicked off waiting lists, according to a “damning” report.In more positive news, the final stage in the government’s roadmap for easing coronavirus restrictions in England is “looking good”, the head of the UK Health Security Agency has said, reports the i. The paper says Dr Jenny Harries struck an upbeat note on lifting restrictions after research showed vaccines are effective against the emerging Indian variant.The UK reaching the milestone of a third of the population being fully vaccinated against Covid-19, following a record-breaking surge in jabs, makes the lead for the Metro. The paper says it means the timetable for ending restrictions is now back on track after it was placed in doubt by the more transmissible Indian variant.

In non-Covid news, Prime Minister Boris Johnson and fiancee Carrie Symonds will “celebrate their wedding next summer”, according to The Sun. The paper says the pair have sent save-the-date cards to family and friends for a “lavish bash” on Saturday, 30 July.The culture secretary has accused the BBC of having a “we know best attitude” following the Martin Bashir scandal, reports the Times, adding that the corporation must change to represent all of Britain. Writing in the paper, Oliver Dowden says the BBC is guilty of “groupthink” and needs to “project British values” if it is to survive competition from streaming giants Netflix and Amazon.

The Guardian leads on Home Office figures showing that just 1.6% of rape cases recorded by police last year resulted in a suspect being charged. While there were 52,210 rapes recorded by police in England and Wales, only 843 resulted in a charge or summons – the equivalent of one in 62 cases, according to the paper.

European leaders have called for an immediate international response after Belarus forced a Ryanair flight bound for Lithuania to land in Minsk on Sunday and arrested one of its passengers, a top opposition activist, reports the Financial Times. European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen said the forced landing was “utterly unacceptable”.

And finally, the weather is set to hot up after a miserable May, says the Daily Star. Temperatures will top 24C (75F) next week, the paper reports, in a “heat bubble”.

The Guardian reports that the detained opposition activist, Roman Protasevich, 26, trembled as he told fellow passengers that he faced the death penalty in Belarus. 

It says that forcing the emergency landing of a European jetliner would be an extraordinary act, even for President Lukashenko’s government. 

The Financial Times says European leaders were outraged, while the Times says this marks a “chilling escalation, as well as a profound challenge to the West”. 

The paper says Mr Lukashenko cannot be allowed to get away with what it called “such a brazen ruse”. 

It also quotes an MP from Russia, a key Belarusian ally, as hailing the operation as “brilliant”. 

ReutersThe forced landing of a Ryanair flight in Belarus makes several of the front-pages

The Guardian leads on unpublished Home Office figures, saying they show that just one in 62 rape cases recorded in England and Wales last year resulted in a charge or summons. 

The paper says the statistics will increase pressure on the government to deliver radical proposals to overhaul the justice system. 

“Cancer crisis risks replacing pandemic”, is the Daily Telegraph’s main headline. 

It says experts have sounded the alarm after more than 300,000 people in England missed urgent cancer checks in the past year. 

The paper also features separate research by the Institute for Public Policy Research which suggests that survival rates have been set back by eight years – with an extra 4,500 avoidable deaths this year alone – as a result of late diagnosis. 

Both the Daily Mail and the Daily Express go with “The dentist will see you… In three years” as their headline. 

The Express reports that desperate patients have been told to do DIY fillings and have resorted to pulling out their own teeth. 

The Mail says the government’s “monomaniacal focus” on Covid-19 has led to patients with other ailments being abandoned. 

It calls on Prime Minister Boris Johnson to reflect on the pain being caused and “lift lockdown without delay.” 

Getty ImagesSpain has lifted its restrictions on travellers from the UK

Meanwhile, thousands of British tourists are set to defy government advice and jet off on a Spanish holiday today, according to the Daily Mirror

It says each day this week 80 flights will leave the UK bound for Spain, which is on the UK government’s amber list. 

The voice of the paper warns that if there’s a postponement to the end of restrictions, currently set for 21 June, then the prime minister “may need a one-way ticket far from Britain”.

Five days after Lord Dyson’s inquiry into the former BBC journalist Martin Bashir’s 1995 Panorama interview with Prince Diana was published, the story continues to feature heavily in the papers. 

The Times leads on Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden’s calls for deep change at the corporation. 

In a comment piece, Mr Dowden writes that the BBC can “occasionally succumb to a ‘we know best’ attitude”. 

He promises that the government won’t make “knee-jerk reforms”, but he says in the long term there are fundamental questions about how the broadcaster is funded and structured. 

The Guardian warns that “hard-line” Conservatives could try to destroy the BBC for political purposes. 

An un-named shadow minister is quoted as telling the paper that the government’s response is no longer measured: “It’s like they’re feeling the influence of anti-BBC head bangers.” 

Finally, The Sun claims the prime minister’s set a date to marry his fiancée, Carrie Symonds, next year. 

The paper says the couple have sent out “save the date “cards for what it calls a “lavish bash” on 30 July 2022. 

It speculates that early contenders for the venue include Chequers in Buckinghamshire, or the Port Lympne safari park in Kent, which is run by the foundation Ms Symonds works for.

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