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It’s a holy war!

An 80-year-old Catholic priest bit off another priest’s ear and socked him in the face over a parking spot in Perth Australia.

Father Thomas Henry Byrne appeared in court on this day in 2012, after he allegedly started the violent brawl when 81-year-old Father Thomas Joseph Cameron Smith wouldn’t give up his parking space.
After a brief scuffle, Byrne reportedly told Smith to pick up an item on the ground.

The item was Smith’s ear, though it took him a while to figure out what it was.

Smith wrapped the flesh in a tea towel and drove to a local hospital, where staffed phoned him an ambulance.
He was taken to surgery, while cops went to arrest Byrne on a charge of grievous bodily harm. Byrne had a black eye when he showed up in court, according to the Independent.
An East Perth magistrate ordered that Byrne not go within 30 feet of Smith, who lives in the same apartment complex.


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