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We pray 🙏 for the Sanity of the American People. The World deserves Peace Right now 🦋

Warm Water
Love is warm, and I’ve warm water, coming through the tap,But water heaters break, and so warm water do I lack, Cold water’s not so nice, but soon no water do I have, For all thing’s ‘spire in the end, and soon I have no lav’, No food or clothes that comfort me; I am a dreadful mess, And all the things I did depend, of them I’ve less and less, We think that we can well depend on this and this and that, But all that we depend upon, I ask: “Where is it at?”It has eroded, gone away, in time too so The Earth, And even what’s eternal goes; no more the second birth,’ Til all we see and know of which we all were so aware, And I am so alone, and into nothing do I stare, When all goes blank, but at that moment I can not conceive, For nothing, nothing it is left; there is no come or leave.
These easy lines so easy from this happy, tippy board, Excruciating processes are all we can afford, Awful and so terrible that words can not express, And centuries, millennia, a moment does compress, Starvation, plague combine, with wars that are within, without, Where nothing preps for nothing, “Needles!  Darkness,” do I shout.
An eternity of sufferings and nothing lasts not long, Except forever, and forever, infinitely strong. Will sheer awareness then “emerge,” and what will happen then? Warm water bubbles in, and someone wonders where it’s been.

Editor’s note: This blog was written 📝 by the hand of the original head of this blog from America.

Today we pray for all Americans, who have been left by the President of the United 🇺🇸 States of America to suffer his bloody manic ego.


By ace101

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