Facebook Madness 😁

Whether I am right or wrong, I am always right😁

Suddenly I realised what a waste of time a profile is on Facebook. I thought people appreciated seeing the person who owned a Facebook.

Those days are over and I will enlighten you why then maybe you will follow my thinking.

Lately, I have received comments especially from friends on Facebook ” Will I post a photo of myself on Facebook”!!!!!??????
Surprise 😁 Surprise

I update my profile as subjected to Facebook rules across all Media proving ownership. And any other proof required.

The folk who have been following this site for year’s and in groups must need to look at profiles before signing up. I do believe that was normal.

Perhaps these days you need glasses or learn to read. I make no apologies in writing this.


I spend heaps of money to entertain them by gifting videos and all these sharable posts. I do this to help folk to be happy seeing something nice.

The world is suffering right now. We all are in this mess together.

I’m am a female, married. Nobody important, just trying to fit in like everyone one else. I don’t want your money, your admiration. Please I sincerely hope that people would not be personal.

Numerous other folks on here a charitable and work very hard to entertain all of us. All those people have unlimited data and resources to entertain us. Please may I say you are Gods gift?


Without you, Facebook could not operate this platform free to users. Yes, Facebook does sell advertising to all everyone free access to world usage.

Some of you older Facebook users know I am a regular basis Facebook in jail inhabitant. I don’t mind I do my time 😂

Oversharing at times especially 3 D photos is a misdemeanour by Facebook standards. Three day jail time 😂

Anyway, now you should get it! My profile is going to be anything except human. Or write in comments you profoundly will apologise for not reading or buy yourself glasses 👓 or block yourself course you have a very strange head problem. 😁


More to I can’t speak English. Needlessly I do not speak on Messenger 😁 I deleted it!

Thank you, real humans, for reading this long text. Please leave your name so I don’t block you. You are welcome at all times to block me 😁😁😁


By ace101

Ace Worldwide News Group working with Kindness & Wisdom in perfect harmony to provide help and guidance through news & views and the truth to people in need Amen

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😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 The silly site 😄😅 I posted a picture of God hanging on the cross. Work of art. 17 Century. Back to Facebook jail against Community stands 😔 more…2018 two years earlier exactly 2 years prior!!!???? I was banned for 3 months. Because I questioned the breach? Two years ago Facebook placed a Life Ban. The story goes on……..I lost 6 Business Pages plus 18 groups. I waited on week rejoined making a new account exactly same details. Back in I walked 😁 those computer crawlers need updating. The crawlers are techno computers. Humans don’t exist. I once worked for that Platform and ” I am always right ” 😅😅😅 This month a new platform opened call Player.

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