Facebook post today 😔🙌😬

Once you’ve made the decision to move on, don’t look back. You will never find your future in the rear view mirror.


We shared this post from Facebook and Twitter today. Look at the writing on the post and I waited all day to read the comments until tonight. Oh my gosh, every word was ” yes.” 7 pm tonight it had risen to 1500 Yes!

Cassie is an excellent illustrator, and I love her work. The comments were 100% ” yes.” I have learnt something new today 😔

Please note my reply to the question

Not me.

There is an old saying learnt as a child ” don’t look back your not going that way” integrated as ” wait there, I will be back” never to be seen again.

😁 Buddism is my DNA. The Moral to the story here is ” you are needed elsewhere on a life’s journey.

Interestingly enough Buddism is a way of Peace and Enlightenment.

Buddhism is not a religion or yoga or requiring to be colonised to feel “self.”

when you understand the transparency of your journey things like this post connected to self has serious mental health issues attached.

Cassie keep up your intrinsic posts many open the doors of inspiration congratulations 🎉

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