Kindness comes naturally

I am self and secure

Paying it forward – a great habit.

Try to do something everyday to pay it forward however big or small. An act of kindness “unconditionally” – the key word.

Examples may include:

🔹️Help an old lady cross the road
🔹️Pay for the next persons coffee or even food
🔹️Hold the door open for someone
🔹️Give someone a genuine compliment
🔹️Smile to a stranger
🔹️Pay for someones parking meter
🔹️Show your appreciation for someone’s work
🔹️Give way to pedestrians at the round about
🔹️Offer help to someone in need
🔹️Give to a charitable organisation
🔹️Listen and be interested in people
🔹️Mow the next door neighbours lawn
🔹️Welcome the new person at work

I’m certain you can think of many other examples🧐

Even kindness takes practice, the more you do it, the better your muscle will be for kindness.
It may just lift up someone’s day from a dull one to a more joyful one!

Again the key is to do so “unconditionally” its simply just a way of “being” that positive spark in your own environment.

A quote that resonates with this 👇
“People won’t necessarily remember what you said or did, but they will remember how you made them feel”

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