‘ God Look Down Upon This Easter Day’🌟

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All was well his son had risen and sat at his right hand awaiting the time he would come back down to Earth ….

He was not quite ready after they scourged his flesh and more and made him suffer on that cross to save us all …..

As God looked down upon the Earth at people on this day they were still counting the cost of what they did say ……

There choice they made and who to save was now written in their ❤️ and they would come to regret their choice many years from now …..

Its not that God would punish them but would allow them to learn that when you make a choice as thus between his son and man that pain that once had been taken away would return and hurt you more ……

As this was not the first coming of his son but the second was assured and this time the man who comes would take away all pain and then there would be hope upon the Earth once again ………

So those with faith await his coming and some 🙏 this very day so all that l can do this day as the writer is to just say this Hugs & Blessings on you all and just ……



By ace101

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