Jack Sparrow ~ author, how to know, or maybe still,Jack Sparrow is not a myth.

Your name is the storm of the sea,
You are afraid of the ships,
You put fear on people,
You are all praise to the world.
You are on the palm of your hand,
Where will he take you
Where you follow the course,
Keeping the ship at the ship.
To the nearest port coming in for a day
You drink rum with a prostitutes,
And closer to the night before the morning
You’ll be crazy with her.
Tired, angry and a
You will enter your ship,
And again the course is holding forward
Jack Sparrow gives an order.
My brothers, you are my pirates
It’s time to find the treasure,
To live gorgeous and rich
And to drink rum to the fall.
The team friendly supported
And the top, having a wave of their own,
They shouted: – Bravo, Bravo!
And they were loud about him.
‘ The ‘ The ‘ The ‘ The ‘ The ‘ The ‘ The Sea
After sending his pairs,

How to know, or maybe still,
Jack Sparrow is not a myth.

We. Love Jack Sparrow, I got the dirt on you Jack. ❤️🎆🎆🎆🎆


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