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J.Jay Samuel Davis ~ #TogetherWeCan

In 1969, black citizens weren’t allowed to swim in “white-only” swimming pools.

Mr. Rogers invited a black officer on his show and asked if he wanted to cool off by dipping his feet into an inflatable pool.

Mr. Rogers joined him, breaking the color barrier live on television.

Breaking barriers!


J.Jay Samuel Davis ~ #TogetherWeCan ⚜️⚜️⚜️
http://We all bleed the same 🙇
J.Jay Samuel Davis ~ #TogetherWeCan ⚜️⚜️


Life is like a bunch of roses. Some sparkle like raindrops. Some fade when there's no sun. Some just fade away in time. Some dance in many colors. Some drop with hanging wings. Some make you fall in love. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Life you can be sure of, you will not get out ALIVE.(sorry about that)

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