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    Success is assured when a person fears the pain of regret more than the pain of the process. — Orrin Woodward
  • Words and Moments of Endearment – They Last a Lifetime
    I don’t need everybody to like me just because I’m nice. I want them to stays with me because I’m real.💛💛💛💛
  • #COVERREVEAL The Community by Heidi Visser @heyvisser @Cayellepub @lovebookstours #BookTwitter #Books #Readers #TheCommunity 
    Advertisements The Community by Heidi Visser Blurb  How much control is too much?  It’s the question Nora must ask herself after illegally becoming pregnant. It’s not as if she planned it. In fact, the very opposite – she received drugs to prevent it, just like every other baby in the Community. Extra children equal extra […]
  • Are You Confused?
  • a moonbeam…
    Advertisements desires encapsulate me like the moon,as inside my being I swoon,looking to the sky,watching the moongoby as clouds filter throughthe darkness,the shadow of whichbecomes thehardest to recognize it is the mirroredreflection I see, whendancing with the trees andbecomingmore thanone dreamed until the last particle ofmy being is seen… and, love is blossomed in-betweenthe rivers […]