Title: Johnny Depp Art: J.Jay Samuel Davis 🎯

Some people are just plain lucky; ya needn’t ask me why,

Some people are just plain lucky, so whether they live or die,

Life works out right for them, and they can go to church,

Or they can go fishin’ or sit upon their perch,

‘Cause lucky people are lucky;

it’s just the way it works,

They can be just lovely, or they can be significant, ‘ol jerks,

But things only work for them;

Life is pretty great, Lucky people can be right on time, or they can be real late, Lucky people do it, whatever the heck they choose,

They can be teetotalers, or they can splurge on booze,

But life is sufficient for the lucky,

Like any operation stay, Is just so great for the unexpected.

They don’t need to pray,

But many do just any way, and, whether they’re sick or well,

They think life is just OK.

Even Heaven is Hell,

So, if they shout and scream a bit, it is a lucky ride,

And they like giving lots of advice, so even a monsoon tide,

Exists just so great for the unexpected, yes, anything’s just fine.

They can’t understand the unlucky, born with an unfortunate sign.

The lucky are their religion, for whatever they do works out,

People say they’re charismatic, so they can jump and shout,

And yell: “Do this and this and that, for it works out right for me,

“So, the unlucky try the lucky techniques and fall on their knee, Cursing their luck, ’cause they are not, and no matter how hard they try,

Things still will not work for them so that they will cry and cry, And the lucky say:

“Be positive and try a pill or two, And do the things that I have done, and let’s go to the zoo,

“And so the lucky have a blast, and unlucky people are bit, And clawed and mauled and broken down and never find a fit.

‘Cause some people are just plain lucky, and some people are straight not,

And that’s just the bloody way it is;

All are born into their slot.

The worst thing for the unlucky is:

IF they hit a lucky streak,

And think that that is natural. 

Politely, they will hit a peak, And feel real fortunate and thank the day that they were born.

Then, you know, they’ll lose it all and be, oh, so sad, And, as they reach the end of life, they all do realise, That they were never “lucky,” they never got the prize,

Of a blessed life and happiness, that’s for the lucky folk,

And life for them is work and suffering; they are The Cosmic Joke.

Yes, that’s the way it is dear friends, the unlucky they are cursed,

And the lucky are the blessed ones;

they will just come in first.

And if you got this far reading this

Got you!?

Bloody life is all a big Joke 🎼🎓

J.Jay Samuel Davis RIP

By ace101

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